Release agent RE-102
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    Release agent RE-102
    This is to help peel off the image from PET film after heat transfer 

    1. Good stripping and easy to peel off when transfer .
    2. It is applied in products of printed body with curved surface and small area.

    Use method:
    Solvent : MEK : TOL =1:1 
    MEK: Methyl ethyl Ketone       Tol: Toluene

    Recommended dilution ratio: Release agent : Solvent =7: 3 
    (Customers can adjust according to actual condition) 

    Usage Details:
    1. Weigh 1.5kg MEK and 1.5kg TOL in a bucket, mix fully.
    2. Take another bucket, add 7kg release agent, then mix with above solvent, mix fully. 
    Recommend printing speed : 80m/minute (the printing speed is adjusted according to the actual drying effect of stove).
    Drying temperature: 90℃

    1. Room temperature shall be kept between 5-20℃, and avoid direct sunlight.
    2. It shall be fully blended (automatic blender) when reusing after long-term storage.

    If you need to coat inks for several layers, it’s better test before use this release agent, since it’s with good peeling off power, if too many layers, may cause ink layer crack. 

    * The above contents are only used for reference. There is difference in all conditions according to the enterprise's machine and printing process. In case of questions, please contact Technology Department of our company.